Review of Speech Journal speech therapy app

Posted on: by Kyle | 2 Comments

This is a very nice review of our Speech Journal language app.  Of all my apps, speech journal has never found its footing.  Everyone who uses it loves it, but not many people have found out about it.  Its flexibility is what makes it special.  You can create almost any speech therapy activity you can think of with it.  Sequencing, schedules, expressive language, grammar, just about anything.  You can use photo’s you’ve downloaded to the app or just take photos on the fly while you create your activity.

The other subtle difference between Speech Journal and many of my other apps is that it can be used for students of any age.  Since you can import your own images and text, you can create content that is age appropriate for anybody.  This particular author describes using speech journal with an adult population.  They created a story about going to a cell phone store.  They took pictures of entering the store, looking at the various phones and cell phone plans.  Then they went back and created the story.  The author is using Speech Journal to create task training from everything from self directed IEP meetings, mock interviews, cooking foods and going to football games.  The lessons can be simple and just a few steps or very complicated.

It’s very cool to hear about my apps being used in ways I never imagined.  When I created Speech Journal, I only had speech games for elementary kids in mind, and here it is being used to teach adults on the spectrum how to cook spaghetti!  Stories like this is why I come to work every morning.  Check out the review here.

To find out more about Speech Journal and purchase it on iTunes, tap on the link below!