About Mobile Education Store

The Mobile Education Store was born from a father’s desire to help his special needs daughter.  Our family had invested thousands of dollars in special education software, and almost always came away from the experience disappointed.  Not only were the programs incredibly expensive, but they lacked the variety of content and engaging play that makes our daughter WANT to play.  We exist to fill the large gap that exists between the availability and cost of commercial special needs software and the needs of everyday parents.

As such, we are dedicated to providing cost effective educational tools for parents of elementary age children.  Our products take advantage of the mobile visual and touch mediums that are now available to the masses.  By engaging the visual, audio and tactile senses, our products help children learn faster and retain what they learn with more ease.  From honing the basics of sentence construction in SentenceBuilder™ to learning how to build full fledged narratives in StoryBuilder™ to mastering social conversations in ConversationBuilder™ – our award winning apps allow teachers and speech pathologists to help students overcome language and social difficulties in a fun and engaging way.

We are always open to ideas on how to improve our applications, so feel free to contact us with any requests, ideas or questions..