StoryBuilder helps refugee children

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I received an email from a woman in Australia who has been using StoryBuilder to help refugee children affected by the wildfires this past summer.  According to her, although none of the children are actually on the spectrum, they have been so shellshocked at losing everything that they exhibit a lot of the same traits as autistic children.  She has been using StoryBuilder to help draw them back out of their shells.  She writes:

Story builder is such a fantastic app. I’m using it with children from a refugee background, and many have associated problems that manifest as versions of the autistic spectrum. The app allows for vocabulary, pronunciation, questions, instant feedback as well as an auditory record of progress. And every child loves it. – Helen Leeder.

I can’t even describe what my feelings were when I read this.  To think that something I created could help children on the other side of world who have just lost everything is humbling and mind blowing.

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