Review of StoryBuilder Inference App

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I’ll always remember the development of our StoryBuilder inference app because of my kids reaction to it the first time they ever played it.  I had never seen, nor have I ever seen since, my kids laugh as hard as they did when they first starting playing.  My son was literally pounding his fists on the ground and shaking uncontrollably.  Nothing does a better job of convincing you that you have a winner than witnessing that.

StoryBuilder is about teaching inference.  Helping kids learn to look beyond what they see in front of them, and try to imagine what events led up to what they see and what might happen in the future.  I’m a firm believer that the core deficit of kids who have trouble comprehending what they read revolves around this very skill.  They have trouble visualizing beyond the pictures that are in front of them.  One of the reasons that StoryBuilder has been one of my most popular apps over the years is that it exercises this very skill.

The following review of StoryBuilder by Carry Manchester does a really good job of explaining how it works and the kind of benefits it brings to kids.  On top of that, she has given me a great idea about how to improve it!  Look for an update soon!

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