Review of StoryBuilder Education App

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This review of our StoryBuilder education app was written by Kristen Cummings,  a school based SLP in Florida.  Kristen’s blog, simply speech was voted one of the top speech pathology blogs of 2012.  She deserves it – Kristen does a great job with all of her app reviews.  For this review, She includes detail about the how the apps works and a lot of images from the app.  At the end of the review, she lists out all of the speech activities that StoryBuilder touches.

StoryBuilder is an incredibly versatile speech tool that helps students answer WH-questions, make inferences, improve articulation, practice grammar and adjectives, tell stories and master sequencing.  The student is presented an image, and they get to record a story about the image.  The students are asked a series of questions to help them create their story.  The students record their answers to each of the questions and they may record each answer as many times as they like until they like it.  There are hints available to help the kids decide what they should record.  At the end of the process, we stitch together all of their answers into a single recording and the student gets to hear themselves tell a story!

StoryBuilder is a member of Mobile Education Store’s award winning “Builder Series” of speech therapy apps.  These apps are used by speech therapists around the world on a daily basis and have won over 20 awards.

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