Review of StoryBuilder Comprehension App

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I remember when I first played our StoryBuilder comprehension app with my two kids.  It was a pre-alpha release, barely able to function.  It had only one story in it.  I have always been inspired to watch Caitlyn play my apps, but watching Caitlyn and her brother play StoryBuilder wasn’t inspirational for me, it was just plain fun.  I don’t think I have ever seen my kids laugh as hard as they were laughing before or since.  My son was pounding his fists on the ground and Caitlyn was cackling so hard she was shaking.  I couldn’t help laughing with them because they were having such a good time.

About a month later, I had the opportunity to let two older kids play StoryBuilder.  I was visiting an old friend and got to talking about my apps and as I was showing them off, his 11 year old daughter asked to play StoryBuilder.  Soon, her 14 year old brother joined in.  They had just as much fun as my kids did.  As a developer of educational apps, when you can create an app that all kids enjoy the same,  from 6-14, some on the spectrum and some not, you know you have a winner.

This review of StoryBuilder was written by Kim Lewis, a speech pathologist in Greensboro, NC.  Her blog, ActivityTailor, has all kinds of information for speech therapist.  She offers easy to use workbooks (published by Say It Right), therapy suggestions and encouragement on her blog, as well as free downloads.  You should check it out!

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