Fantastic application!!!

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This is a very nice review of our StoryBuilder speech and language app.  The parent writes:

“What a great application to teach autistic children how to make inferences and build a narrative!  The ability to record answers is fantastic.  My daughter gets a real kick out of hearing her own voice.  She has made tremendous progress in building creative narratives with this program.  Having the option to display the first few words of a potential answer to the questions really helps her understand what she is supposed to do.  To be honest, my non-spectrum son loves to play too.  His friends like to pass the iPad around and play off of each other’s crazy answers.  Although this application is obviously intended for spectrum kids, I think non-spectrum kids can get just as much out of it and have a lot of fun in the process.”  mmt13-

It’s nice to know our apps work with kids from all walks of life.  To find out more about StoryBuilder and purchase it from iTunes, tap the icon below!