Review of four Mobile Education Store speech apps

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I found this nice summary of our apps by Jenny Rapson, a mom in Dayton, OH and the author of the Mommin’ it up! blog. She reviews my Question Builder, Story Builder, Speech Journal and LanguageBuilder speech apps.     She says,

One of the first apps I found was Language Builder from the Mobile Education Store, and it was just what I was looking for.  It’s an app with beautiful, real-life pictures, and a record feature so that your child or student can record themselves saying a sentence about the picture, then play it back.

Since I liked Language Builder so much, I decided to purchase another app from Mobile Education Store – Story Builder.  Again, this app completely met the needs of what I was trying to accomplish with Sophie – working on storytelling, sequencing, and descriptive language.

These apps are SO GREAT.  Since I am just a mom, not a professional, I am so thankful for these tools that give me the materials I need to work with Sophie at home to help her reach her speech goals. We are having a great time together with these.

It is really nice to get the perspective of a parent who is using my apps with their own children.  If you are wondering about the speech and language apps that she is talking about in the review you can see them on the iTunes store.  Just click on the icon.