The Story of Mobile Education Store’s Language Apps

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This interview was just published by Wynsum Arts.  They profile each of our language apps and tell a brief story about what they are designed to do and why I created them.  It’s pretty neat to see the progression of the apps.  You can almost track Caitlyn’s language progress by reading it.

For those of you not familiar with Mobile Education Store, I started creating speech therapy apps three years ago for my daughter Caitlyn.  She was struggling mightily with language and not making much progress in school nor with her speech pathologists.  I started creating apps for her more out of desperation than anything else.  I started off with no intention of selling these apps on iTunes, and it was a friendly competition with a friend who pushed me to put them up on iTunes.  The rest is history.

Each app is designed to address a specific language goal that she was struggling to achieve.  With all of our apps, I have tried to find new ways to teach old concepts.  What I’m really striving to do is help her “understand” language.  So many of the tried and true tools, from flash cards to picture scenes to worksheets, focus on memorization of language, not understanding of language.  I strive for understanding because if I can help kids better understand language, then they won’t need to memorize it.  But the traditional ways don’t work with kids who struggle.  If they did, they wouldn’t need extra help.

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