SentenceBuilder review by iHeartThisApp

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This is a nice review of our SentenceBuilder speech app.  It goes into a lot of  detailed about the speech therapy benefits of SentenceBuilder.  It also mentions the teen version of SentenceBuilder, which is the first time anybody has written about that version of the app.  The author writes:

Sentence Builder is in a group of apps often called Game Changers. As a mom of a seven-year-old child with special needs, I’m constantly looking for tools that allow my daughter to manage her challenges so that she can develop age-typical skills.

We are also using Sentence Builder Teen for our highly-creative 12-year-old, who has ideas far bigger than her grammar mechanics. As with many teens, the majority of her written communication is accomplished through texting. We are using Sentence Builder to help her develop and practice simple sentence patterns that she can use on essay questions and more formal writing assignments. Sentence Builder Teen provides an easy way for her to drill through the simple sentence patterns, hopefully making them more natural and allowing her to express her ideas more clearly.

It’s great to hear about a parent who is using SentenceBuilder to not only improve the language of her special needs child, but also using it to help her mainstream teenaged daughter improve her language.  To find out more about SentenceBuilder and purchase it on iTunes, tap on the icons below!