Review of SentenceBuilder Speech Therapy App

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It has been a little bit since there has been a new review of our SentenceBuilder speech therapy app.  I released SentenceBuilder in December of 2009, so it is coming up on its 3rd birthday, which in human years is about 150.  SentenceBuilder has been and still is my biggest seller.  It’s simple yet elegant, and with over 100,000 downloads, it has helped a bunch of kids.

This review of SentenceBuilder by Nanette Cote goes over the settings and how to play, includes many pictures of the app in action and has a list of reasons why she and her students enjoyed it so much.  Her blog was named one of the best speech pathology blogs of 2012.  She has a lot of great information and tips. Look to Speech2me for more reviews of our apps in the future.

SentenceBuilder helps kids learn how to build grammatically correct sentences.  Students are presented an image and asked to create a sentence about that image.  Words are placed in dials and the student simply turns the dials to select the words.  There are three levels of play and 100 images for the students to build sentences around.  To keep things fun, there are 30 animations that play once the students get the correct answers!

SentenceBuilder was the first app in Mobile Education Store’s popular and award winning “Builder Series” of education apps.  Sentence Builder has over 100,000 paid downloads and was won multiple awards, including app of year by  Mobile Education Store has won over 20 app awards and multiple developer of the year awards.

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