I Love So Much About this App

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for Sentence Builder

“I love so much about this app!  The dial format is engaging.  I love the quick animations for correct answers.  The animations are cute, funny, and quick!  There is a man’s voice that reads the sentence aloud after the correct answer and tells you to try again if you get it wrong.  He speaks slow and clear and sounds real (not a computerized voice).  The graphics are simple but interesting.  This can be used to address a variety of syntax errors in speech therapy.  This would also be a nice way for kids to practice their syntax (grammar) at home.  As a speech therapist, I can also target vocabulary by expanding on these sentences and pictures.  Basic concepts can be targeted (example sentence: He is skiing…around the, up the, in the, before the, down the…hill).  This app could be especially helpful for ESL students and SLI students.”  Diana Zimmerman, MS, CCC-SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist)-.