Review of SentenceBuilderTeen grammar app by Consonantly Speaking

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Jessica Chase of Consonantly Speaking has written reviews of many of my speech and language apps.  The thing I like best about her reviews is how detailed they are.  She doesn’t just go through every setting of the app, she explains the purpose of each setting in speech therapy terms.  Then she writes what she likes about the app and more importantly, why.  Then she wraps it up with specific therapy uses.  After reading her reviews, a parent, educator or SLP will know exactly the kind of student the app will work for.

In this review, Jessica reviews my SentenceBuilder grammar app.  I believe this is my first review of the teen version of SentenceBuilder.  Most of the reviews have been for the elementary version with little mention of the teen option.  As always, her review is insightful and informative.  Check it out.