Wyoming School District Using SentenceBuilder for all students

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Here is an article from a Wyoming School district who has issued iPad’s to all of their students district wide.  That is pretty incredible considering the cost, but as a developer, I appreciate the incredible flexibility that kids can have with iPad apps.

Lisa Weigel said in the article

We currently use iPads for grades K-8 within our rural schools, which includes about 60 students and 20 staff members.  We use a variety of Apps, some of our student/staff favorites are:  Garage Band (our Music teacher uses this consistently with rural students within her music program) students have actually recorded their own songs, Math Ninja, Rocket Math (both reinforce math computation fluency), Sentence Builder (writing), Stack the State (Social Studies), State and Capital Changes, Super Why by PBS and First Word Spanish (reinforces Spanish Language).


It’s nice to know that the kids actually like to play my apps!  The best thing about having kids at home is that I have built in beta testers.  If I get the “Dad….boring…” I know I have some work to do to make it more fun.  If you look at their list of apps that are loaded on their iPads, they chose 5 of my apps to be a part of their educational program.    Language Builder, Conversation Builder, Sentence Builder, Story Builder, and Question Builder all made their list for education apps.

That’s pretty amazing and I appreciate the support of my apps.