StoryBuilder recommended in Huffington Post

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Wow.  The Huffington Post.  It was nice waking up this morning with my Google Alerts going off and a mention in the Huffington post.  Here is an article in the Huffington post where the author discusses apps that encourage kids to read.  They picked 5 apps that they felt engaged children into wanting to read and play the apps.  The speech and language app they picked was Story Builder.

Now that’s cool.

Author Pam Allyn said,

Here are some of the most engaging, effective and fun apps currently on the market categorized to meet the needs of children at every level of the reading and writing spectrum

There are some really interesting apps in the article so if you are looking for language apps for your child, the article brings up some good ones.  Tap on the icon below to go to iTunes to learn more and purchase StoryBuilder.