StoryBuilder Named a Top Language App by Common Sense Media

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Common Sense Media has built a reputation as being a website that parents came trust when researching products for kids.  My wife and I use it all the time when trying to figure out what movies we want to take our kids too.  They review movies, books, websites, TV shows, music and of course, Apps.  They have a rating system that rates products not only by their suitability for various age groups, but also by how much a child can learn.

It was a very very pleasant surprise when we received this email.  Common Sense Media created a back to school guide with their recommendations for apps, games and websites.  Under the language arts 7-12 year old section, right at the top, is StoryBuilder.  Not only is it recommended, but it is only one of SIX apps that made the list.  They even have a “bright idea” section on the bottom, where they give a suggestion on exercises to try when playing.

It is very gratifying when something you have created is so well thought of that it wins awards.  Our StoryBuilder reading app has always been one of my favorites to develop, and it more than any app we have, pushed our company onto the trajectory we are currently on.  Thank you Common Sense Media for including StoryBuilder on your exclusive list.

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