SentenceBuilder mentioned in Huron Daily Tribune

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This is a pretty neat article in the Huron Daily Tribune about the Huran Learning Center’s experience using iPad’s for their special needs students.  They mention 18 apps that they use, and our SentenceBuilder speech app was one of the them.  They write:

“My students need hands-on learning, and there is no greater tool than the iPad,” he said. “We work constantly on counting, letter recognition, word recognition and sometimes it can get a bit stale. With the iPad, it is fresh, exciting and entertaining. Yet, it is still so very educational at the same time.”

Other apps I use are CNN, Weather Channel, Speakit, Tell Time, Coin Math, Maps, Google Earth, WorldWiki, Talking Tom, iwritewords, Sentence Builder, Mathfacts, Talking Calc, FunLearn, Reading Pal, Taptocount and Idea Stretch.

We are honored that SentenceBuilder is one of the goto apps for this speech language center.  To find out more about SentenceBuilder and our our speech and language apps, tap on the icon below.