“Language Builder” – The 4th of Kyle Tomson’s Apps for Autism “Builder” series.

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Craig Evans of Austism hangout recently interviewed me about several of my speech and language apps.  Craig writes:

Kyle Tomson is nothing short of amazing. He’s got a day job… and a child on the spectrum. In his spare hours, he has developed “Sentence Builder, Question Builder” and “Story Builder” to aid her learning. The Apps have worked so well, Kyle put them in iTunes/the Apple Store. Today, parents worldwide are sharing the benefits of Kyle’s Apps. But he didn’t stop there.

In this interview, Kyle talks about his latest App for Autism,Language Builder. Language Builder functions like the rest of the Builder series and in this case, helps kids improve expressive language and construct sentences for meaningful conversation. Thanks, Kyle!

Tap on the video below to see the entire interview.   .