Applications for High Functioning Autistic Children

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Our first feature this week is written by Dad developer Kyle Tomson of Mobile Education Store. By sharing his story about how he started developing apps for the iPhone and iPad, we see how much is possible when specific family needs are addressed with mobile technology, innovation, and dedication.

How I got started

My name is Kyle Tomson, and I got into the iPhone developing about 18 months ago to help my daughter Caitlyn.   She is on the autism spectrum, but is very high functioning.  Almost 100% of her deficits are centered around language.  She is about 3.5 years behind her peers in expressive language.  When I started, the primary deficit we wanted to address was her inability to put together a grammatically correct sentence.  She could get the ideas out, but all the words were mixed up and she did not use any of the connector words.   Her teacher and her aide were making little progress helping her in this regard, and the language education CD’s we were buying were very expensive and didn’t offer  a lot of content for your money… Read more ».