SentenceBuilder Grammar App Used in Study

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Last year, I was contacted by a master’s student at NYU University about using our SentenceBuilder grammar app in a small study to test the effectiveness of speech therapy apps.  The subject was an 8 year old boy who has autism.

He used three apps including Sentence Builder.  The boy’s ability to focus on a learning activity increased dramatically when introduced to Sentence Builder and Simplex Spelling.  While SentenceBuilder wasn’t the primary app he used to collect data, the subject was just as happy working with Sentence Builder.  All three apps where wildly successful and I received a personal thank you from the subjects parents for creating SentenceBuilder.

It is so exciting to see how these apps are changing lives.  It’s what keeps me going!!

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SentenceBuilder is a member of Mobile Education Store’s suite of award winning education apps.  MES has won over 50 app awards and has been named educational app developer of the year for the last two years.

SentenceBuilder grammar app