Mobile Education Store Makes Best Speech Therapy Apps List

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Mobile Education Store is really excited to announce that five of our speech therapy apps have been included in the best speech therapy apps list just published by the award winning SLP blog, The Next Chapter in my Speech World. This brings the total number of app awards MES has won to 25.

ConversationBuilderTeen, TenseBuilder, Rainbow Sentences, PrepositionBuilder and Language builder are all included. ConversationBuilderTeen was named the top app; TenseBuilder was #3; Rainbow Sentences was #6; PrepositionBuilder was #7 and Language Builder was #15.

What makes this especially sweet is that four of these apps are all less than a year old. ConversationBuilderTeen, TenseBuilder, PrepositionBuilder and Rainbow Sentences are our four most recent releases.    We put an enormous amount of effort and thought into all of our apps, and it is so gratifying that everything we have produced over the last 12 months is considered to be the best of the best by such a prominent blog.

The Next Chapter in my Speech World is written by Nanette Cote. Nanette is a SLP based in Naperville, IL. Her blog was voted as one of the top SLP blogs of 2012.

To find out more about our ConversationBuilder, TenseBuilder, Rainbow Sentences, PrepositionBuilder and LanguageBuilder speech and language apps, tap on the icon below!

Best speech therapy apps by Mobile Education Store