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This is the motherlode of all best speech therapy apps lists.  It was compiled by Jessica Chase of Consonantly Speaking.  Jessica has always done a great job on her app reviews.  When she reviews an app, it is because she really likes it.  In her reviews, she describes the apps in detail, includes a ton of photographs, lists out idea of how to use the apps in therapy and talks about her likes and dislikes.  You would be hard pressed to find more comprehensive reviews.

Best Speech Therapy Apps List 1

Best Speech Therapy Apps List 2

She has compiled her favorite apps into 28 categories.  Elementary Grammar, Middle School Grammar, Syntax, Fluency, Story Creation, Articulation, Apraxia, SLP Tools, Receptive Language, Auditory Processing, Minimal Pairs, Questions, Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns, Pronouns, Categorization, Story Sequencing, Story Comprehension, Social Stories, Social Story Creations, Social Skills, Association, Opposites, Memory, Emotions,Writing Prompts and Idioms.  She shows all of the apps she uses for each category, but then she lists her favorite two or three in each category.  There are 331 apps across all of these lists.

These app lists are current too.  These are not lists that were compiled 3 years ago and haven’t been updated since.  These lists have apps released as late as November 2012.

Many of our apps made one list or another, and SentenceBuilder, Rainbow Sentences, TenseBuilder, PrepositionBuilder, SentenceBuilderTeen, and SentenceBuilder made it as favorites.

Jessica, the entire SLP community thanks you for putting together such a comprehensive app list.

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