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MES is pleased to share two new reviews of our ConversationBuilderTeen, QuestionBuilder  and Rainbow Sentences speech therapy apps.

The first review is of our ConversationBuilderTeen pragmatic speech app.  It is written by Special Apps, Special kids.  This is a fantastic review. They do a great job of describing the app in detail.  There are 11 images included, taking you through a conversation in its entirety.  There is also a nice section at the end where she lists what she like and what she would like to see in future updates.

The review of our QuestionBuilder question app was written by Carrie Manchester of Carrie’s Speech Corner.  Her blog was named one of the best speech therapy blogs of 2012 and for good reason.  She does a really nice job with this review and specifically describes how she uses it with her students.  It’s worth reading for those tips alone.

The last review is of our Rainbow Sentences grammar app, written by Austism Plugged In.  This is a great site with lots of resources for parents.  It is worth taking a look at.

ConversationBuilderTeen is a virtual conversation simulator for teenaged kids. It is designed to help kids practice how to have conversations with their peers and how to respond to common situations. What makes ConversationBuilderTeen engaging is that students record their half of the conversation and listen to the other half. Once the conversation is finished, we interlace the student recordings with the pre-recorded peer responses to form a complete conversation. The students then can hear themselves have a conversation with a peer as it is supposed to sound. Not only is this incredibly motivating for the students, but it teaches them the basics of pragmatic language in a way that they can rapidly understand.  There are over 300 conversations broken into 8 themes.  We cover all the normal teen obsessions like sports, summer, and entertainment, but we also cover all the unpleasant things teen must deal with such as bullying, peer pressure and relationships.

QuestionBuilder helps students learn how to answer abstract questions and create responses based on inference.  Extensive use of audio clips promotes improved auditory processing.  There are over 600 why, what, where, and how questions at three levels of difficulty. There are 60 encouragement animations and audio clips for correct answers.  Question Builder offers a rich and fun environment for improving the ability to abstract.

Rainbow Sentences is designed to help students create grammatically correct sentences using color coded cues.  I structured it so that the color codes separate the phrases of a sentence (who, what, why, where), rather than by word type.   You can color code both the words and line segments you drag the words to (or not color code them) and you can have the words grouped by phrase (The cat, is walking, etc) or individual words (The, cat, is, walking).  Student’s earn puzzle pieces for getting correct answers and once they complete a puzzle, it comes to life!!  The combination a wide range of play difficultly and high engagement rewards make Rainbow Sentences a favorite for teachers and students in both mainstream and special needs classrooms.

ConversationBuilder and Speech Journal are part of Mobile Education Store’s award winning suite of educational apps.  MES has won over 50 app awards and has been named educational developer of the year in both 2011 and 2012.

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