Review of StoryBuilder Inference App

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We have an excellent review of our StoryBuilder inference app by Play on Words.  Play on Words is an award winning speech therapy site.  They have many wonderful resources for all aspects of speech therapy.  They write a very positive review of Storybuilder and do a great job of covering all of the ways the app can be used in therapy.  I like the reviews on this site because of all the different ways they find to use our apps to help kids.

Story Builder was designed to help children learn how to create their own stories. Students are presented an image and asked a series of questions to help them create a cohesive storyline.  They can record their story in their own voice. At the end of the process, the student recordings are interwoven into a single narrative.  The students can hear themselves tell a story. Not only is this incredibly motivating for the students, but it teaches them the basics of narrative building in a way they can rapidly understand.

StoryBuilder is part of Mobile Education Store’s award winning suite of speech therapy apps.  MES has won developer of the year awards for both 2011 and 2012 and has over 50 individual app awards to her credit.

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