Review of Pines to Vines elementary science book

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This is a great review of our Pines to Vines digital science book by Mobile  They have given it their highest rating, and has awarded it their badge of excellence, an honor only bestowed on the best of the best. We are honored that Mobile iEducator thinks so highly of our newest product.

Mobile iEducator is run by Kathy Burdick, an educator who has spent thirty years in teaching, school administration, and educational publishing.  She has many wonderful resources on her blog.  It is worth checking out!

Pines to Vines is a state of the art, upper elementary science book based on the forest biome.  Developed in collaboration with Oregon State University’s Department of Forestry and a team of educators, Pines to Vines is a standards based, core curriculum aligned digital science book that covers a variety of topics, including forest layers, range and climate of forest biomes, plant and animal wildlife, adaptations, forest benefits, and forest threats.

Pines to Vines is part of our Crack the Books™ series of digital books.  These revolutionary books are designed to improve reading comprehension in all students, from those with special needs to those with academic gifts. They are the first that can be adjusted for reading level without sacrificing curriculum content. Students can experience all the content presented to their classmates, while reading at a level that is appropriate to their ability.  Targeting 3rd – 6th grade science and social studies concepts, our iBooks allow for reading level adjustment from 1st to 8th grade within the same book, making it possible for all students in a classroom to access the same curriculum content regardless of their reading ability.

Pines to Vines is part of Mobile Education Store’s award winning suite of educational apps.  MES has won over 50 app awards and has been named educational developer of the year in both 2011 and 2012.

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