Review of Three MES Speech Therapy Apps

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We have three new reviews of our speech therapy apps to share with you today.  These reviews were all written by well know award winning bloggers.  On top of the reviews, each is having giveaways for free promo codes.

The first review of ConversationBuilder was written by Tatyana Elleseff of Smart Speech Therapy.  Her blog was named one of the best speech therapy blogs of 2012 and for good reason.  She does a really nice jobs with her reviews.  Not only does she have quite a few images of the app in action, but she has a very extensive list of likes and possible uses of the app in therapy.

The next review was done by  Also an award winning site, they have done a very positive review of the teen version of ConversationBuilder.  On top of the description of the app and how they use it, they have included some insights from parents using it with their kids.

Our last review is from Brea at Let’s Talk Speech Language Pathology.  She reviews our Speech Journal app.  Speech Journal is our most multi-purpose app, and Brea goes into some detail about all the different ways you might use it.  As always, her review is well written and thoughtful.

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