Review of TenseBuilder Verb App

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This is a great review of our TenseBuilder verb app by Brea Allor of Let’s Talk SLP.  She goes through every aspect of the app in detail.  You’ll know exactly what the app is all about after reading it.

It has been great to get all this feedback about TenseBuilder.  It has been pretty universally declared a fantastic application to help kids learn tense.  A lot of kids really struggle with Tense whether they are on the spectrum or not.  I’ve lost track of the number of folks who have written me, saying that their child/student really enjoys playing TenseBuilder and since their students started playing, have seen their use of proper tense in conversational speech improve dramatically.  It’s a great feeling knowing that so many kids are benefiting.

One last thing – Brea is also doing a raffle for a TenseBuilder promo code, so make sure to go to her post and sign up!

TenseBuilder is part of Mobile Education Store’s “Builder” series of speech therapy apps.  This award winning series of apps cover a wide range of speech topics, from proper sentence structure and grammar, answering WH questions, conversing with peers, building narratives, and using descriptive language.  Mobile Education Store has won over 20 awards, including multiple developer of the year awards.

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