Review of TenseBuilder Speech Therapy App

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This review of Mobile Education Store’s speech therapy app, TenseBuilder,was written by Allyson Perling, the founder of the SeasonsOfPotential blog.   It’s always neat when a parent writes a review of any of my apps. It’s not often that I get to hear a first hand account of how a single child benefits from one of my apps. Allyson writes:

She’s had it for two weeks. I watch her eyes when she stops mid-sentence and rethinks what she just said. Then, typically with a question mark at the end of the sentence, she changes the tense and looks to me for approval. When I beam in response, she knows she’s figured it out.

It’s quotes like this that keep me going.

For those of you not familiar with TenseBuilder, we have created 54 movie quality animations to teach tense. We take the student through an entire timeline, which gives the them a much deeper understanding of how tense changes the meaning of a sentence. We cover 54 of the most common verbs, and because we are using video, we are able to tackle difficult verbs (do, go, come) that do not have concrete action associated with them. These verbs can be difficult for many children to fully comprehend, and thus can be very difficult to teach. With the animations, however, they become crystal clear. We have also worked hard to make all of the animations funny; many of them laugh out loud funny. The combination these things make for an app that kids love because it is funny and teachers/parents love because it teaches an incredibly difficult subject in a way that kids understand.

TenseBuilder is the newest addition to Mobile Education Store’s award winning “Builder Series” of education apps. MES was named 2011’s Educational App Developer of the Year by Teachers With Apps and they have won over 20 app awards over the last three years.

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