Review of TenseBuilder Verb Tense App by Barth Tutoring

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Our TenseBuilder verb tense app is rapidly turning into one of my most reviewed apps by SLP’s.  It’s really gratifying that so my professionals in the field think so highly of my latest speech app.  This review was written by Nancy Barth of Barth Consulting.

Some background on the app – TenseBuilder employs movie quality animations to teach tense.  We take the kids through an entire timeline, which gives the students a much deeper understanding of Tense markers and why they are important.  Because we are using video, we are able to tackle the more difficult verbs (do, go, come), that don’t have as concrete an action associated with them as other verbs (run, jump, walk).  These verbs can be difficult for many children to fully comprehend, but they become clear with the animations.  Combine that with a lot of humor in the animations themselves, and you have an app that kids want to continue playing and teaches tense in a way not possible with flash cards or worksheets.

Nancy writes a nice review of TenseBuilder, but with a twist.  She used it with an adult rather than a child.  I have heard from a few folks who have used TenseBuilder with older kids and had a lot of success, but this was the first time I heard about success using it with a young adult.  It’s very difficult to make an app that engages and helps kids even over a 5 year age range, let alone a 20 year range!  Thanks for sharing Nancy!

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