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This is a very nice review of our TenseBuilder verb tense app by makes a lot of recommendations for the best homeschooling apps.  This is one of the longer reviews of TenseBuilder.  You will know just about everything there is to know after reading it.  The author, Jennifer Bogart, goes into a lot of detail about every setting on the app and she includes many images from the app.  She also has a length “what I liked” section.  She speaks to one of the main tenets of the app, how much fun it is to play.  She writes:

The animated, cartoon-style videos in TenseBuilder are just so fun!  My oldest daughter (9) can’t help but lean over my shoulder and tap to answer my questions before I even get a chance!  “I just can’t help myself!” she tells me as she waits for the next video to play.  In all honesty – she’s been exploring the app and its activities just for fun in her free time.  The innately humorous circumstances the animations display often prompt her to elaborate and embellish her recorded readings of the sentences.

When I created TenseBuilder, that was one of the goals – to make the animations so funny that the kids wouldn’t want to stop playing.  I’ve heard from literally dozens of SLP’s who tell me that Tensebuilder is one of their clients favorite speech therapy apps.

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