Review of TenseBuilder Speech Therapy App

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TenseBuilder is going global!!!  Here is my first review of any of my apps from a speech pathologist in South Africa.  Nikki Heyman is a SLP located in Johannesburg.  She writes a very kind review of our TenseBuilder speech therapy app here.  I really like what she has done with this.  Not only does she have go through the app in detail, but she also has a criteria checklist where she assigns point values.  Then she adds them all up for a final score.  It’s a great way to see how TenseBuilder stacks up with a variety of criteria.

TenseBuilder is the newest addition to our “Builder” series of apps.  It employs movie quality animations to teach tense.  We take the kids through an entire timeline, which gives the students a much deeper understanding of Tense markers and why they are important.  Because we are using video, we are able to tackle the more difficult verbs (do, go, come), that don’t have as concrete an action associated with them as other verbs (run, jump, walk).  These verbs can be difficult for many children to fully comprehend, but they become clear with the animations.  Combine that with a lot of humor in the animations themselves, and you have an app that kids want to continue playing and teaches tense in a way not possible with flash cards or worksheets.

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