Review of Rainbow Sentences Grammar App by Crazy Speech World

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The reviews for our Rainbow Sentences grammar app keep on coming in!!! This review was written by Jenn Alcorn, a speech pathologist in Florida.  Her blog is worth checking out – she does a good job of looking at the pros and cons of everything she is posting about.  She has written reviews of many speech apps.  She also has quite a few posts with helpful tips for SLP’s.  Her blog was named one of the top 100 blogs for speech pathologists in 2012.

Rainbow Sentences helps students improve their ability to construct gramatically correct sentences by using color coded visual cues. The who, what, where, and why parts of sentences are color coded to help students recognize and understand how combinations of these parts create basic sentence structure.   I structured it so that the color codes separate the phrases of a sentence (who, what, why, where), rather than by word type.   You can color code both the words and line segments you drag the words to (or not color code them) and you can have the words grouped by phrase (The cat, is walking, etc) or by individual words (The, cat, is, walking).  Student’s earn puzzle pieces for getting correct answers and once they complete a puzzle, it comes to life!!  The combination a wide range of play difficultly and high engagement rewards makes Rainbow Sentences a favorite for teachers and students in both mainstream and special needs classrooms.

Her review of Rainbow Sentences thoroughly describes Rainbow Sentences, and she includes a number of screen shots.  The combination of the images and text give you a complete feeling about what the app is all about.   She is doing a giveaway for a promo code, so make sure to visit and enter!

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