Review of Rainbow Sentences grammar app by Cindy Meester

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I came across this very nice review of our Rainbow Sentences grammar app by Cindy Meester.  Cindy is an SLP who spends quite a bit of time finding the best speech and language apps.  About Rainbow Sentences, she writes:

This is an app that I use a lot. Kyle Tomson has created another  great app that follow along in the same style as his previous ones. This app allows you not only to keep data on student progress but you can adjust the level of difficulty. I love that you can even adapt within each level by turning on or off color coding and word grouping. This makes each of the three complexity levels actually have 9 options.

Then comes the gold at the end of the rainbow…. recording the sentence! This has proven to be very successful with my  students who are not very verbal. They might not be saying the sentence correctly but they are TALKING and saying WORDS. So if the sentence is The boy is throwing I may hear “boy throw.”  It’s truly magically delicious!!!

Thanks Cindy and I’m glad your students are benefitting from it!!  To find out more about Rainbow Sentences and all of our speech therapy apps, tap on the icon below!