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This review of Mobile Education Store’s Rainbow Sentences grammar app was written by Carrie Manchester. Carrie is an award winning blogger and author of the “Carrie’s Speech Corner” blog. Her blog was voted one of the top speech pathology blogs of 2012. What I like best about her reviews are all the images. She has 19 pictures to go along with her explanation of an app. You can’t help but thoroughly understand how an app works with that much art in a review. Carrie has many kind things to say about Rainbow Sentences and is even sponsoring a raffle to give away a free copy. Stop by her blog to enter!

Rainbow Sentences is designed to help students create grammatically correct sentences using color coded visual cues. Each phrase of a sentence (who, what, why, where) is assigned a color. Student’s may drag either entire phrases (The cat, is walking, down the street) or individual words (The, cat, is, walking, down, the, street) to form their sentences. Both the words and the target line segments you drag the words to may have their color turned on or off. Sentences may be as simple as two phrases and as complex as five phrases.

Student’s earn puzzle pieces by correctly forming sentences. Once they complete a puzzle, the puzzle becomes an animation and comes to life. The combination of a wide range of play difficultly and high engagement rewards make Rainbow Sentences a favorite for teachers and students in both mainstream and special needs classrooms.

Rainbow Sentences is one of the newest additions to Mobile Education Store’s award winning suite of education apps.  MES was named 2011’s Educational App Developer of the Year by Teachers With Apps and they have won over 25 app awards over the last three years.

To find out more about Rainbow Sentences and our other speech therapy apps, tap on the icon below!

Rainbow Sentences education app

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Laurel Kendzior

Comment left on: December 13th, 2012 at 4:52 am

Love this and all the other Mobile Education apps. I own it, but would love to get this app for the Gengras Center, a special education day school in West Hartford, CT.

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