Review of Rainbow Sentences Grammar App

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It’s always interesting to hear how folks are using my speech therapy apps.  Especially when they are using them in ways that I never envisioned when I created them.  This review of our Rainbow Sentences grammar app was written by an occupational therapist in California, Tonya Cooley.  Tonya is a very active blogger and has all sorts of reviews/tips/games about all things OT.  She talks about how she uses Rainbow Sentences as part of her OT therapy with some of her students and what she and her students thought of it.

Rainbow Sentences has been one of my most popular apps because of its versatility.  It was designed to help students create grammatically correct sentences using color coded cues.  I structured it so that the color codes separate the phrases of a sentence (who, what, why, where), rather than by word type.  In my mind, this make far more intuitive sense for students struggling with language than focusing on specific word types (nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, etc).  You can color code both the words and line segments you drag the words to (or not color code them) and you can have the words grouped by phrase (The cat, is walking, etc) or by individual words (The, cat, is, walking).  Combine this with three levels of play and you have such a wide range of difficultly, that Rainbow Sentences is appropriate for both mainstream and spectrum kids.  As such, it has been widely adopted by schools all over the world.

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