Review of Rainbow Sentences Speech and Language App

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I’m happy to report that the reviews for our Rainbow Sentences speech and language app are still coming in from all over the world.  Rainbow Sentences has been widely accepted by schools and parents as a goto app when trying to teach sentence structure.    This review was written by a Australian educator Kylie Turner.  Her blog is worth checking out – she does a good job of looking at the pros and cons of everything she is posting about.  She also has a facebook group,  She posts reviews and hosts giveaways.  She is having a giveaway of a promo code for Rainbow Sentences right now, so go check out her group right away!  It ends this Sunday.

Her review of Rainbow Sentences is comprehensive; she thoroughly explains all the levels and screens.  She also gives several reasons why she thinks this is a great literacy app.

I structured Rainbow Sentences  so that  the phrases of a sentence (who, what, why, where) each received their own color, rather than the individual words.   You can color code both the words and line segments you drag the words to (or not color code them) and you can have the words grouped by phrase (The dog, is jumping, etc) or by individual words (The, dog, is, jumping).  Student’s can earn puzzle pieces for getting correct answers and once they complete a puzzle, it comes to life!!  The wide range of play levels makes Rainbow Sentences popular in both mainstream and special needs classrooms.

To find out more about Rainbow Sentences and watch a video tutorial of it in action, tap on the icon below!