Review of Rainbow Sentences by iAutism

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This is a nice review of our Rainbow Sentences speech and language app by iAutism.   The purpose of iAutism is to work in this direction by collecting information related to the use of visual and tactile technology for people with ASD and other special needs.  They only post reviews for apps that they think are beneficial to children with special needs.  About Rainbow Sentences, the author writes:

With 168 sentences and images, three difficulty levels (and two types of sentences in each one) and a highly configurable hints system, the truth is that Rainbow Sentences gives for many hours of practice.  It includes a basic system of reinforcements and statistical records, so it is a quite complete tool.

Who can use Rainbow Sentences? As with other apps of Mobile Education Store, the user may well be a student with special needs but a fairly high level of language – expressive, receptive and written, as well as a neurotypical student who wants a tool with which to practice building sentences.  And in the case of Rainbow Sentences, a valid user can also be a non-native English speaker who wants to practice building sentences, expand vocabulary and practice pronunciation.

The author does point out the benefits of Rainbow Sentences for ESL students as well.  To find out more about Rainbow Sentences and purchase it on iTunes, tap on the icon below!