Review of PrepositionBuilder Speech Therapy App

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Our PrepositionBuilder speech therapy app is one of my favorites.  It is so much fun to watch my daughter play.  She thinks the pictures and reward animations are funny, so she is giggling the whole time she plays.  If learning could always be this fun!! PrepositionBuilder has been reviewed by quite a few SLP’s both in school and in private practice.  This review was written by Carrie Manchester.

Carrie always does a great job with her reviews. She has lots of images to help you understand the flow of the app and she makes sure to add what she likes and dislikes. You can’t help but decide if PrepositionBuilder is the app you are looking for after reading her review. On top of that, she is doing a raffle for a free copy. So check out her blog!

PrepositionBuilder offers a new way to teach prepositions. The 28 most common prepositions are grouped into 3’s, with related prepositions in each group (in, on, under for instance). In each group (and there are 9), there are 21 images. For each group, we have 7 sets of 3 related images. If the student chooses the wrong preposition, we change the image to match the preposition they DID choose. There are no wrong answers, the student learns even when they make a mistake. To keep kids engaged, there is a 10 part animation, and they earn a section of the animation for each completed module. Teachers tell me they have a hard time getting kids to stop once they start playing – they want to see what happens at the end!

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PrepositionBuilder Speech Therapy App