Review of PrepositionBuilder Grammar App

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This review of Mobile Education Store’s PrepositionBuilder grammar app was written by Allyson Perling.  Allyson writes and speaks about speech therapy issues and also coaches parents about how best to help their children.  Today she describes the benefit her daughter has received from using PrepositionBuilder.  Allyson has many kind things to say.  It’s also exciting to hear how much her daughter likes our other apps.  She writes:

My ten year old daughter makes an immediate connection with many of the apps from the Mobile Education Store when introduced to them. In a previous review of TenseBuilder I noted she chose Sentence Builder, Conversation Builder, Language Builder, and Story Builder over many of her other apps. That’s including the games!

This is the kind of feedback we love to get.

PrepositionBuilder offers a unique way to teach prepositions, in the sense that we have grouped the prepositions into 3’s, with related prepositions in each group (in, on, under for instance).  Then for each group (and there are 9), we have created 21 images. For each set of images, we have we have 7 sets of 3 related images.  This allows us to do something special when a student gets the wrong answer.  If the student chooses the wrong preposition, we change the image to match the preposition they DID choose.  So there are no wrong answers. The student learns even when they make a mistake.  Throw in a 10 part animated story that the students have to unlock by playing, and take my word for it, they won’t want to stop until they get to the end!

PrepositionBuilder is part of Mobile Education Store’s award winning suite of education apps.  With over 30 app awards and two developer of the year awards, Mobile Education Store is a leader in speech therapy apps.

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