Review of PrepositionBuilder Grammar App

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I can barely keep up with all the reviews coming in for my language apps (I know – cry me a river).  This review of our PrepositionBuilder grammar app was written by a school based Speech Language Pathologist.  Mary Huston writes the Speech Adventures blog and has a lot of uses reviews of speech apps and tips for practicing SLP’s.  She writes a pretty nice review and has kind things to say about PrepositionBuilder.

PrepositionBuilder offers a unique way to teach prepositions, in the sense that I have grouped the prepositions into 3’s, with related prepositions in each group (in, on, under for instance).  Then for each group (and there are 9), I have created 21 images.  The key is that the images are grouped into 3, so we have 7 sets of 3 related images.  This allows me to do something special when a student gets the wrong answer.  If the student chooses the wrong preposition, I can change the image to match the preposition they DID choose.  No wrong answers, you learn even when you make a mistake.  Through in a 10 part animated story that the students have to unlock by playing, and take my word for it, they won’t want to stop until they get to the end.

Another thing Mary is doing is a giveaway of codes for PrepositionBuilder.  All you have to do is go to her blog and write a comment about how you would use PrepositionBuilder in therapy.  Go check it out, you might find something useful and you might win PrepositionBuilder!

PrepositionBuilder is part of Mobile Education Store’s award winning “Builder Series” of educational apps.  Mobile Education Store has won over 20 app and developer awards.

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