Review of PrepositionBuilder Grammar App

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Our PrepositionBuilder grammar app is one of my favorite apps because it represents a real turning point in the evolution of Mobile Education Store.  It was with this app that we started creating custom artwork for our apps.  This allowed us to really focus on helping kids understand language, rather than just memorize language.

This review of our PrepositionBuilder grammar app was written by Mandi Schaumberg of Panda Speech.  Mandi is a clinical SLP who focuses her efforts in the home of her students.  I’m a real believer in this as we just went to a program like this ourselves and have seen dramatic improvement in Caitlyn’s speech compared to her improvement when her speech sessions were help in a office setting.

Mandi is a prolithic blogger.  She has many app reviews and has an absolutely fantastic set of app lists for a number of target activities.  Her blog is worth visiting for the app lists themselves.  Mandi writes a fantastic review of PrepositionBuilder here.  She goes through the app settings thoroughly and has plenty of images from the app to help you understand how it works.  You will understand what you are getting once you read it.  On top of that, she is having a giveaway for a free copy of PrepositionBuilder.  Stop by her blog to enter!

PrepositionBuilder uses visual imagery to foster a deep understanding of how prepositions can change the meaning of a sentence.  We target 28 of the most common prepositions and group related prepositions together (in, on, under for instance).  The students are presented an image and are asked to drag the correct preposition to an incomplete sentence.  Wrong answers trigger an image change, showing the student what the picture looks like with the preposition they DID choose.  The student learns proper preposition use, regardless of whether they choose the correct answer.  Since the wrong preposition sometimes makes for a pretty funny picture (The shark jumped THROUGH the boat), many students get the wrong answer on purpose, just so they can see the other images.  The beauty of PrepositionBuilder is that it doesn’t matter, they learn just as much getting the wrong answer as getting the right one.

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