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We’ve had a slew of reviews over the last week for our speech therapy apps.  I thought it would be interesting to combine them into one post.

The first review was done by the iMums.  This is a really neat site.  It was created by four mom’s, all from different parts of the world.  One from America, one from Australia, one from the UK and one from Singapore.  What’s neat about it is that they are all from English speaking countries.  As we all know, not all english speaking countries are exactly the same, so it’s nice to hear the perspective of english speakers from around the world.  They review TenseBuilder, our award winning verb tense app, and have many kind things to say about it.

The second review was written by Katie Kelly of PeachySpeech.  Katie is a speech pathologist in my home state of Oregon, and she writes reviews not only of speech therapy apps, but also about other types of speech therapy products and techniques to try in a session.  Her blogs are always well written and worth reading.  This time, she writes about our Rainbow Sentences grammar app.

The next review was written by Kylie Turner of  She takes on our PrepositionBuilder preposition app.  It has a very thorough description of how the app works and what she likes.  It is definitely worth a read.

The last review is by Jenn Alcorn of Crazy Speech World.  Her blog was voted one of the best speech pathology blogs of 2012 and she deserves the honor.  Her reviews are incredibly thorough and insightful.   In this review of our ConversationBuilderTeen pragmatic language app, she has no less than 11 images taken from the app and a lengthy discussion at the end about what she likes about it.  You know just about everything there is to know about an app after reading one of her reviews.  She gives ConversationBuilderTeen a very high recommendation.

We’d like to thank everybody for taking the time to write these wonder reviews!!

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