Review of MES Speech Therapy Apps

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We are excited to share several need reviews of our speech therapy apps!  A few of these were written by brand new people who have just been introduced to our speech therapy apps.  It is nice to hear new folks have the same positive feelings about what we have created as others before them.

The first review was written by Angelia Wood, an occupational therapist in North Carolina.  She reviews our SentenceBuilder and StoryBuilder speech therapy apps from an OT’s perspective.  OT’s have a little different perspective, so it is always interesting to hear what they have to say.  They have a nice chart where they rate the apps in nine categories.  Both SentenceBuilder and StoryBuilder scored 4 or 5 stars in each category.

This next review is interesting because the reviewer talks about both PrepositionBuilder and Speech With Milo’s Preposition app.  She does a nice job of comparing and contrasting the two apps.

This review of our LanguageBuilder expressive language app was done by Robin Scheib of the Children’s Institute.  The children’s institute is a private school for children on the autism spectrum.  They work with parents and schools all across the east coast and hold many seminars and workshops on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design.

The last review comes to us from the Let’s Talk About Speech Therapy blog.  This blog was named one of the top speech therapy blogs of 2012.  The cover our Speech Journal expressive language app.  As always, they do a nice job covering the basics of the app and they include lots of images.  On top of that, they are doing a giveaway of  a free copy.  Stop by to enter!

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