Review of MES speech and language apps

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We have four new reviews of our speech and language apps to share with you today.

The first review was written by Carrie Manchester.  Her Carrie’s Speech Center blog was named one of the best speech pathology blogs of 2012.  Carries writes about our award winning conversation app, ConversationBuilder.  Carries goes into quite a bit of detail about how the app works and includes many images of it in action.  Towards the end, she has a nice summary about what she likes about it.  It is well written and if you are curious about how ConversationBuilder could help your students or child, it is worth a read.

The 2nd review is also about ConversationBuilder.  It was written by Jean Hendrickson of does a really nice job of categorizing apps.  Their website is worth visiting for that reason alone.  They have many categories of apps where you can select what you are looking for and then read their reviews.  It’s real easy to navigate and find information.  They also go through ConversationBuilder in much detail and give it a very positive review.

The 3rd review is about the teen version of ConversationBuilder.  It is similar to ConversationBuilder, but it covers teen centric topics and also includes modules on bullying, sarcasm, and relationships.   This was written by Suzanne Berhow of the iMum’s.  The iMum’s is a really need blog, as there are contributors from english speaking countries all over the world.  It’s very interesting to hear the perspective from english speaking folks in Singapore, Australia and England.  Suzanne discusses the details about how ConversationBuilderTeen can be used in therapy and the kind of kids it benefits.  It’s very gratifying when a professional really understands what I tried to achieve with an app and why I tried to achieve it.  She give ConversationBuilderTeen a rate 5 star rating.

The last review is about something different I promise!  This review covers our Rainbow Sentences grammar app.  The thing that is most interesting about this review is the author suggests five therapeutic uses for Rainbow Sentences and includes published papers backing up the proposed use.  I haven’t seen anybody do this before in their reviews.  It is very informative.

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