Review of LanguageBuilder Expressive Language App

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This review of our LanguageBuilder expressive language appwas done by Common Sense Media.  Common Sense Media has become of goto site for parents trying to find unbiased reviews of EVERYTHING they might want to buy or use with their kids. They do not review very many apps, and we are excited that they decided to include LanguageBuilder on their website.

They do a very good job with their reviews, from going into detail about the app as well as answering that all important question “So what?” They talk about the educational value of the app, how students will learn from it and how parents can make the learning experience even better. On top of all of that, they categorize the apps by age and app rating, allowing you to decide in a second or two whether you even want to explore the review further. They have many kind things to say about LanguageBuilder.

At it’s core, LanguageBuilder is designed to be the first stepping stone in helping kids learn how to many inference and build a narrative. Students are presented a photograph, and then asked to record a sentence about that photograph. There are 10 themes with related photographs in each theme. In order to help students come up with ideas, there are a few different levels of hints. They range from giving the student an almost complete sentence with just a couple missing words to and audio hint suggesting a couple of words to work into the sentence. The photographs are high quality and age appropriate, and the record/playback feature is a big hit with kids. LanguageBuilder is a great stepping stone for our more advanced apps, StoryBuilder and ConversationBuilder.

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