Review of Language Builder Speech Therapy App

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This review of our Language Builder speech therapy app was written by Carrie Manchester.  Carrie writes the “Carrie’s Speech Corner” blog, an award winning blog focusing on speech therapy.  She reviews apps, books and has other tips for speech therapists.   This week, she reviews Language Builder.

LanguageBuilder is designed to help kids learn how to many inference and build a narrative. Students are presented a photograph, and then asked to record a sentence about that photograph. There are 250 photographs broken down among 10 themes. The student selects one of themes to play. LanguageBuilder has three levels of hints to help students come up with ideas for their sentences. Hint level 1 gives the student an almost complete sentence with just a few words missing. Hint level 2 gives the student only a few words at the beginning of a possible sentence. Hint level 3 gives them an audio hint instead of a text hint. The photographs are high quality and age appropriate, and the record/playback feature is a big hit with kids. LanguageBuilder is a great stepping stone for our more advanced apps, StoryBuilder and ConversationBuilder.

LanguageBuilder is part of Mobile Education Store’s award winning ‘Builder’ series of education apps.  Mobile Education Store has won over 70 app awards and has been named Educational App Developer of the Year for 2011 and 2012.

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Language Builder speech therapy app