Review of Language Builder Speech and Language App

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Here is a another great review by SpeechTimeFun.  This time, they tackled LanguageBuilder, our speech and language app that targets expressive language.  As usual, the author does an excellent job of explaining exactly how the app works and she posts a ton of images in her review to give you an excellent picture of what to expect while playing.  At the bottom of the review, she lists out the things she likes about the app as well as things that she would like to see in future updates.  I’ve gotten in the habit of reading through her wish list, she has such great ideas that I find myself implementing most of them!!

Language Builder came about because of my experience using StoryBuilder with my daughter.  I created StoryBuilder to help her learn how to create narratives and make inferences.  It turns out that I overreached, she just wasn’t ready for StoryBuilder when it came out.  LanguageBuilder was a direct result of that.  I aimed to simplify things to give her a better foundation so that she could move on to StoryBuilder.  It has turned out to be one of my most popular apps.

If you haven’t already, you should pop over to her blog and sign up for her raffle.  She is giving away a promo code for LanguageBuilder!

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