Review of Language Builder Expressive Language App

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This is a nice review of our Language Builder Expressive Language app by Jenn Alcorn of Crazy Speech World.   Her blog was voted as one of the best Speech Pathology blogs of 2012, and for good reason.  She does a really good job with her reviews.  This time, she reviews Language Builder, our popular app that helps kids learn how to use descriptive language and make inferences.

Students are presented a photograph, and then asked to record a sentence about that photograph.  There are 10 themes with related photographs in each theme, so the student can choose a theme to their liking.  In order to help students come up with ideas, there are a few different levels of hints.  They range from giving the student an almost complete sentence with just a couple missing words to and audio hint suggesting a couple of words to work into the sentence.

Used with an adult’s help, you can create virtually any kind of speech activity with Language Builder.  The combination of the recording (which kids love) and the flexibility (which teachers and SLP’s love) has made Language Builder very popular.

As always, Jenn includes quite a few images in her reviews to help you get a feel for how the app works.  She also summarizes her likes and dislikes at the bottom of her review.  Best of all, she is having a raffle for a promo code.  Visit her blog by Monday night to enter!!

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Language Builder.