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This is a very nice review of our Language Builder expressive language and inference app.  The author, Tej Sohan, is a school based SLP.  The interesting thing is that she teaches middle school students.  So many of the folks that write about my apps work strictly with elementary aged kids.  It’s nice to hear from someone using them for older kids.  Ms. Sohan has written many blogs about apps and other helpful tips for SLP’s working with older kids.

Ms. Sohan goes through all the features of the app, giving you a pretty good picture of what the app is all about.  She summarizes here thoughts with:

An array of grammatical structures (pronouns, verb tenses, plurals, etc.) and language concepts (complex sentences, prepositions, synonyms, etc.) are targeted by this app.  Language Builder can also be used to work on sentence recall for those with auditory processing impairments.

Language Builder is a wonderful engaging app that my middle schoolers can greatly benefit from. I appreciate that its latest update includes all the modules (was available for purchase at $1.99 previously), providing users with over 200 images for only $9.99! Overall, this is a great app and well worth the price.

I designed language builder to be the first stepping stone for kids to learn how to make inferences.  That in combination with the record feature, this is an effective tool to start teaching kids how to build narratives.

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