Review of ConversationBuilderTeen social skills app

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This is a very positive review of our ConversationBuilderTeen social skills app.  It was posted by Technology in Special Education, a leading resource of information for special needs apps.   Their website was recently named as one of the best resources for SN by the New York Times.  It is well deserved, they have done a wonderful job of categorizing apps by IEP goal to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

ConversationBuilderTeen is an extension of our award winning ConversationBuilder app, geared towards teens.  We not only cover conversations about the normal teen obsessions (school, sports, entertainment, video games, etc), but we also cover all the uncomfortable things that teenagers have to deal with (bullying, peer pressure, sarcasm, relationships, etc).  There are over 300 conversations among eight themes.

ConversationBuilderTeen is a virtual conversation simulator.  Students have a conversation with a virtual student, and they record their half of the conversation in their own voice.  Once the conversation is finished, we stitch the student recordings and pre-recorded peer responses together to make a continuous conversation.  For each leg of the conversation, the student is given three choices, and they can listen to each of the choices before making their selection.  If they choose incorrectly, they hear a short audio clip explaining why it was wrong and what they might want to try next.  There are over 500 distinct audio clips for incorrect answers. A conversation history is available so the student may go back and listen to previous legs of the conversation he or she is working on.

ConversationBuilderTeen is the newest addition to Mobile Education Store’s award winning “Builder Series” of education apps.  MES was named 2011’s Educational App Developer of the Year by Teachers With Apps and they have won over 20 app awards over the last three years.

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ConversationBuilderTeen social skills app